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Scan QRcode to use WeChat E-Service Platform

Binding with the HSBC Life e-service for online account binding, policy manage, account value inquiry, fund switch, investment accounts resetting. It is a professional, safe and convenient digital smart assistant for online insurance.

  • Online Policy Management
  • Investment Account Resetting
  • Account Value Inquiry
  • Quick Fund Switch Online
  • Electronic Signature
  • Contact Update
  • ID Validity Changes
  • Dividend Option Resetting
  • Dividend Withdraw
  • Annuity/Survival Benefit Withdraw
  • Investment Account Value Partly Withdraw

Logon Instructions:

1. Scan QRcode above or Search "汇丰人寿" to follow our offical WeChat cccount

2. Click "自助服务" in auto-resonded welcome message

3. Binding your policy, you can easily acces to online service such as policy management, quick fund swtich etc.