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A wide range of services to help you

with your insurance needs

If you are looking for an insurance product:

For any inquiries about our products, please call our Customer Service Hotline on 400-820-8363 or visit our Customer Service Center.

Our Customer Service Officers will provide you with information of our products. We can also arrange for you to meet with our sales people for further discussion of your insurance needs.

A kind reminder: In order to better protect your rights and interests, please refer to the Life Insurance Application Tips(Chinese Only).

If you have submitted an insurance application:

We consciously accept inspection and scrutiny from you and the society. We provide you with transparent, efficient, and incorruptible insurance services. During the period from submitting the insurance application to receiving the insurance contract, you may inquire the status of your application by calling our Customer Service Hotline at 400-820-8363. We also request you to submit insurance materials completely and authentically. We will conscientiously conduct our due diligence and underwriting process and share you the underwriting decision timely.

If you already have an insurance policy:

Request for Policy Surrender

Request By:

  • Policyholder


Forms and Documents:

  • Surrender Application Form;
  • Policyholder’s Identity document;
  • Insurance Policy.


Contact Us:

  • You may reach out to the relationship manager/service representative; OR
  • Call our hotline at 400-820-8363 then visit our service center.



  • The Policy will be terminated when we receive your Surrender Application Form.  We will return the Policy’s cash value as of the termination date within 30 days of receiving the Surrender Application.

Change policy information

You can make changes to your protection coverage in response to changes in your personal circumstances. You can also make changes to your personal information at any time as necessary. To make these changes, you can first contact your Relationship Manager or our customer service hotline to check the detailed steps, then submit your request for changes through any of the following channels:

  1. Ask your Relationship Manager to submit the request by providing him/her the completed application forms and necessary documents.
  2. Come to our customer service center where our staff will help you complete the change application forms.

Make a claim

When you need to file a claim on your insurance policy, please either contact your Relationship Manager directly or contact us on our Customer Service Hotline 400-820-8363. We will guide you through the following steps to file your claim request:

  1. Complete the claim application form(Chinese Only) and other required documents as specified in the "Documents and Certificates Required for Claims".
  2. Submit all documents to us by handing them to
    1. Your Relationship Manager, or
    2. Directly to our Customer Service Center
  3. Upon receipt of your documents, we will register your claim and initiate the claim process.
  4. We will assess and process your claim request as soon as possible, and will inform you of the result accordingly

Our Claims Service Commitments

  1. For claim requests that do not require investigation (see note 1) or additional supporting materials, we will advise you the claim decision within five working days after all claim documents are received.
  2. For claim requests with approved claim payments, we will pay the approved claim proceeds within ten days after the claim decision is made.
  3. For claim requests which have been assessed to be not within the respective insurance coverage, we will send out the decline notice to the insured or the beneficiary within three days after the claim decision is made.
  4. For claim requests which have been assessed to require additional supporting materials based on the documents we have received, we will notify you to provide the required materials in a single comprehensive notification within three working days after claim documents are received.

Note 1: We shall determine if investigation is required for each claim request according to our Company guidelines.

Policy and other information

For questions or inquiries about policy details, account details, claims information or other policy services, please feel free to:

  1. Call our Customer Service Hotline on 400-820-8363
  2. Contact your Relationship Manager
  3. Visit our Customer Service Center
  4. Email your questions to

Please refer to "Contact us" for detailed contact information.