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Comprehensive protection through bank service

Why buy insurance through a bank?

Today's banking business is no longer simply about loans and savings. Investment, wealth management, insurance and retirement pensions have become indispensable parts of individual financial planning services offered by banks. Banks are playing an increasingly important role in delivering insurance services, and enjoy one of the highest growth rates among insurance distribution channels globally.

Banks offering one-stop professional financial services provide the utmost convenience in addressing customers' protection needs.

Why buy insurance from us?

Understanding your needs

  • We fully understand your need for diversified investment plans throughout the different stages of your life, and therefore our products are designed to meet those needs.
  • Your ability to achieve your financial goals can be enhanced with appropriate insurance solutions from the comprehensive financial planning analysis offered by our partner banks.
  • You can enjoy our professional insurance advice and service at each of our partner banks' outlets.

Professional expertise

  • HSBC Group has insurance business presences in more than 50 countries and regions across the world, and in many countries its bancassurance businesses are highly successful. We boast rich experience in distributing insurance products and services through banks to serve high-end customers worldwide.
  • We commit to providing regular training for the service and sales teams of our partner banks, so that they can keep abreast of new market trends and share that expertise with our customers on a regular basis.
  • Our products and services are always developed according to the different needs of different customers.

Our partners

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