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Home Mortgage Loan
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  • Our home loan advisors will provide you with one-on-one service every step of the way to make the experience of buying your dream home as hassle-free as possible.

    HSBC partners with renowned domestic and international property developers to provide you with unparalleled home mortgage loan service. Please contact us to find out more about property and home mortgage loan application details.

    Please click on the following locations to view the property details*:

    Our property list was last updated in Aug2014. Please note, the list is subject to change without further notice.

    Positano Vita Men Tou Gou China Resources Land (Beijing) Ltd
    Unique Garden Chao Yang Beijing Guangying Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Chang Le Bao Yuan Shun Yi Beijing Changle Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Shine City Shun Yi COFCO Property
    Asian Olympics Jin Mao Yue Chao Yang Beijing Franshion Sunac Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Wangjing Jin Mao Palace Chao Yang Beijing Franshion Sunac Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Legacy Homes - Vantone casa Villa Shun Yi Beijing GuangshaFucheng Company

    The Lake Dragon Hua Du Guangzhou Dragon Lake Real Estate Ltd.
    Forest Hills Tian He Guangzhou Xintian Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Guangzhou Park Paradise Bai Yun Guangzhou Xin Sui Tourism Centre Ltd
    Dolce Vita Bai Yun Guangzhou Beautiwin Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd
    Moon River Palace Bai Yun Guangzhou Shum Yip Property Co., Ltd.
    Donghui Town Huang Pu Guangzhou Vanke
    The Paramount Huang Pu Guangzhou Hong Kang Fu Gang Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Covent Garden (New World Canton Bay) Li Wan Guangzhou Fong Chuen - New World Property Development Ltd.
    The Eden Li Wan Guangzhou Hui Zhao Commercial Service Co., Ltd.
    Literati Mansion Yue Xiu Guangzhou Chengbao Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Summit Zeng Cheng Guangzhou Lihe Property Development Co., Ltd.

    Royal Bay Cheng Hua Chengdu Shimao Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Wharf Le Palais Cheng Hua Long Yue Property Development (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
    The Palazzo Cheng Hua Sino Land (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
    Magic Cube Hi-Tech Zone Chengdu China MCC Wen Tou Property Co., Ltd.
    Phoenix City Phase I/II/III Hi-Tech Zone China Resources Land (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
    Tai Yue Bay Hi-Tech Zone Chengdu Yin Cheng Property Co., Ltd.
    Renhe Spring Hi-Tech Zone Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Renhe Spring Property Co., Ltd.
    The Cosmos Phase I & II Hi-Tech Zone Chengdu Zhongtianying Real Estate Development Ltd.
    Arcadia Court Hi-Tech Zone Kerry Development (Chengdu) Ltd.
    Le Parc Phase II/III/IV/V Hi-Tech Zone Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Chengdu) Limited
    Splendid City Jin Niu Sichuan Ai Mei Gao Property Co., Ltd.
    OCT Phase IV & V Jin Niu Chengdu Tianfu OCT Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
    North Paradise Walk Jin Niu Chengdu Longfor Beicheng Co., Ltd.
    Brocade Palace Jin Jiang Greenland Group Chengdu Jingjiang Property Development Co., Ltd.
    We City Jin Jiang Chengdu Hong Yu Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Yanlord Riverbay Jin Jiang Yanlord Real Estate (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
    24 City Jin Jiang China Resources Land (Chengdu) Development Co., Ltd.
    ICC Sirius Jin Jiang Xiang Bao Investment (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
    The Atrium Jin Jiang Tishmen Speyer China Fund
    Park Avenue Heights Jin Jiang Chengdu Hillstreet Development Co., Ltd.
    The Botanica Jin Jiang Chengdu Century Development Co., Ltd.
    Shimao City Phase II Long Quan Yi Chengdu Shimao Investement Co., Ltd.
    Guo Ke Li de Cheng Long Quan Yi China Railway Real Estate (Chengdu) Development Co., Ltd.
    The Loft Qing Yang Chengdu Xin Kai Industrial Co., Ltd.
    The Paragon Qing Yang Chengdu Wen Hui Qing Yang Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Villa Royale Shuang Liu Chengdu Zhong Yi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Wharf Times Town Shuang Liu Long Chang Development (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
    Wharf Times City Tian Fu Long Jia Property Development (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.
    Jovo Town Phase I & II Tian Fu Chengdu Zhongjie Property Co., Ltd.
    Riverside New World Tian Fu Chengdu Xinyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Regency Oasis Wen Jiang Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Chengdu) Wenjiang Limited
    COFCO Shine City Phase I/II/III Wu Hou Chengdu Yue Cheng Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Shuangnan Ganghui Plaza Wu Hou Chengdu Sheng Yang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Master of the Mountain Xin Du Chengdu Vanke Xindu Property Co., Ltd.
    Hill Crest Villa Xin Jin Chengdu Hilltop Development Co., Ltd.
    Quiet Tale Xin Jin Chengdu Longfor Jincheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.

    Star Land Ba Nan Chongqing Yuanyu Property Development Co., Ltd
    China Railway Construction Mountain City Bei Bei Chongqing Runjun Property Development Co., Ltd.
    PKU Resources Elegant Mansion New North Zone Chongqing Yingpu Investment Co., Ltd.
    Bamboo Grove New North Zone Chongqing Xing Longfor Property Development Co.Ltd
    Vanke Ceremony New North Zone Vanke (Chongqing) Property Co.Ltd
    Star Metropolis New North Zone Chongqing Yuanxuan Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Yorkvilla North New North Zone Hongkong Land(Chongqing North) Development Co.Ltd
    Yorkvilla South New North Zone Hongkong Land(Chongqing) Development Co.Ltd
    Regency Lakeview New North Zone Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Chongqing Liangjiangxinqu) Limited
    China Merchants Garden City New North Zone CM Properties (Chongqing)Huayuancheng Co., Ltd.
    The U World New North Zone Chongqing Fengying Property Development Co.Ltd
    Central Park Jiang Bei Chongqing Tian Tuo Property Development Co, Ltd.
    Fusion City Jiang Bei Financial Street Chongqing Rong Tuo Property Co., Ltd.
    Hong'en International Living District Jiang Bei Chongqing Beijing Capital Land Xinshi Real Estate Development CO.,Ltd.
    The Coronation Jiang Bei Chongqing Sino Land Company Ltd.
    The Throne Jiang Bei Chongqing Jiayi Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Delicate Mansion Jiu Long Po Chongqing Sino Land Company Ltd.
    Beautiful View Jiu Long Po Chongqing China Communications Construction Li Jing Property Co., Ltd.
    24 City Jiu Long Po China Resources Land (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.
    Grand Waterfront Nan An Chongqing Henderson Land Development Co., Ltd.
    Top Skyline Nan An Chongqing Sunac Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
    Regency Hills Nan An Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Chongqing Nanan) Limited
    Landmark Riverside Nan An Chongqing China Merchants Property Development Co., Ltd.
    International Community Nan An Chongqing Jiajiang Property Development Co.Ltd
    Academic Heights Sha Ping Ba Chongqing Zhong Yu Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Golden Metropolis Sha Ping Ba Chongqing Wanzhuo Property Co., Ltd.
    University City Sha Ping Ba Chongqing Longfor Kaian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Hometown Yu Bei Chongqing Juntion Real Estate Development Inc.
    L' Ambassadeur Yu Bei Chongqing Zhong Yu Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Phoenix County Yu Bei Chongqing Juxin Property Development (Group) Co.Ltd
    Chongqing Tiandi - The Riviera IV Yu Zhong Chongqing Shui On Tiandi Property Development Co., Ltd
    Chongqing Tiandi - The Riviera V Yu Zhong Chongqing Shui On Tiandi Property Development Co., Ltd

    Royal Lake Gan Jing Zi China Overseas Dong Feng Land (Dalian) Co.,Ltd
    Art Wonderland Gan Jing Zi Dalian Tianyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Eastern Santaclara Hi-Tech Park Dalian Software Park Co., Ltd.
    Maritime Development Zone China Resources Land (Dalian) Ltd
    Orstar Residence Zhong Shan Dalian Fucheng Property Co., Ltd.

    City Cruise Nan Hai Foshan Nanhai Juncheng Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Wonder Bay Nan Hai Guangdong Hongding Property Investment Development Group Co., Ltd.
    No. 1 Lake Lantern Nan Hai Foshan China Overseas Lake Lantern Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Jingyu Garden Nan Hai Guangdong Yulong Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Glorious City Nan Hai Foshan China Overseas Lake Lantern Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Canton First Estate Nan Hai New World Property
    Nanhai Vanke Plaza Nan Hai Foshan Nanhai Vanke Leyi Property Co., Ltd.
    Oriental Bund Chan Cheng Foshan Xinfeng Property Development Co., Ltd
    La Cité Foshan Chan Cheng Foshan Xinkai Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Foshan Vanke Plaza Chan Cheng Foshan Vanke Central City Property Co., Ltd.
    Agile Peninsula San Shui Foshan Sanshui Agile Majestic Garden Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Jie He Plaza San Shui Foshan Jiehe Property Development Co., Ltd.

    Fairview Park Bin Jing Hangzhou Zhongtian Binhong Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Shimao Above The Lake Bin Jing Hangzhou Shirong Huiying Property Co., Ltd.
    CRCC International City Gong Shu CRCC Real Estate Zhejiang Jingcheng Investment Co., Ltd.
    Ocean Mansion Gong Shu Hangzhou Sino-Ocean Tian Qi Properties Limited
    Palazzo Pitti Gong Shu Wharf Properties (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. & Gang Ying Properties (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
    Greentown Master Manor Gong Shu Hangzhou Saili Greentown Shenhua Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Sunshine Garden Gong Shu Zhejiang Construction Investment Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Global Summit Gong Shu Hangzhou Baojia Porperty Development Co., Ltd.
    Rural Outside Gong Shu Hangzhou Jinyu Shanshu Property Development Co., Ltd.
    CRCC International Garden Jiang Gan CRCC Real Estate Zhejiang Jingfa Investment Co., Ltd.
    Purple Jade Palace Jiang Gan Zhejiang Huiyuan Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Sun-City International Jiang Gan Hangzhou Shangcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Persor Jiang Gan Zhejiang Zhongda Zhengnengliang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Glorious Palace Jiang Gan Hangzhou Wanpu Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Shimao East No.1 Jiang Gan Hangzhou Shimao New Domain Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Life Inspiration Jiang Gan Hangzhou Longxin Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Park Avenue Jiang Gan Hangzhou Dongshang Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    B.Vision Times Xia Sha Jin Yu (Hangzhou) Real Estitate develop.LTD
    International Sunrise Xia Sha Hangzhou Hengdu Estate Developer
    Foothill Residence Xi Hu Hangzhou Runhong Properties Co., Ltd.
    Zhijiang Yard Xi Hu Hangzhou Jingyi Properties Co., Ltd.
    The Wetland Xi Hu Hangzhou China Overseas Chengxi Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Xilu Garden Xi Hu Hangzhou Wanzhou Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    The Mansion in City Center Xi Hu Hangzhou Bocheng Properties Co., Ltd.
    Shimao New West Lake Yu Hang Hangzhou Shimao Xinlicheng Real Estate Co.Ltd
    Wharf Mansion Yu Hang Jinxing Property Development (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
    The Light of City Yu Hang Hangzhou Wanhong Properties Co., Ltd.
    Future Life Yu Hang Hangzhou Wanye Properties Co., Ltd.
    Forte Invaluable City Yu Hang Zhejiang Forte Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Forte Up Town Yu Hang Zhejiang Forte Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Liangzhu Culture Village Yu Hang Hangzhou Liangzhu Culture Village Developer Co.Ltd
    Melodious Manor Yu Hang Hangzhou Sunac Greentown Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.

    Palais Luxleux Qi Xia Nanjing Forte Dongjun Property Co., Ltd.
    Yangtze Riverbay Town Phase III Jian Ye Nanjing Yanlord Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Ning Mansion Jian Ye China Resource Land (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

    The Harbourfront Shi Bei Hutchison Whampoa Properties(Qingdao) Ltd.
    Poly Leaf Mansion Shi Bei Qingdao Poly Shuangfeng. Property Co., Ltd
    Jinmao Harbour Shi Nan Qingdao Lanhai Xingang City Real Estate Co., Ltd./td>
    Ocean Honored Chateau Shi Nan Sino-Ocean Land (Qingdao) Corporation
    Inmost Palace Shi Nan China Resources Land (Shan Dong) Co., Ltd.
    Rose Garden Li Cang Qingdao China Overseas Property Development Co., Ltd.
    A Blue Mountains Place Li Cang Qingdao Yue Long Sheng Real Estate Co., Ltd.
    Poly Champagne International Si Fang Qingdao Poly Guangyuan Co., Ltd.

    International Town Dong Ling China Travel (Shenyang) Property Co.,Ltd.
    The Park Life Dong Ling Shenyang Suigang Baiyun Property Investment & Development Co., Ltd.
    Park View Manor He Ping China Resources Land (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.
    New World Garden He Ping New World (Shenyang) Property Development Limited
    Center Villa Huang Gu Shenyang China Overseas Xing Ye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    La Cite Huang Gu Shenyang China Overseas Xing Ye Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Agile Garden Shen Bei New District Liaoning Agile Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Golden Riverside Shen Bei New District Shenyang Heng Gao Property Development Co., Ltd.

    Shimao Canal City Gu Su Suzhou Shimao Property Co., Ltd.
    Jin Mao Palace Gu Su Franshion Properties (Suzhou) Limited
    Riverside Park Xiang Cheng Suzhou HengXiang Property Development Co.,Ltd
    Times Paradise Walk High-Tech Park Suzhou Longfor Properties Co., Ltd.
    Suzhou International Community Industrial Park China Overseas Development (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
    No. 8 Mansion Industrial Park China Overseas Haitong (Suzhou) Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Ambassador Villa Industrial Park Suzhou SuLong Property Development Co.,Ltd
    Times City Industrial Park Suzhou GaoLong Property Development Co.,Ltd
    Lake Forest Industrial Park Suzhou Citic Investmenet Co., Ltd.
    Yanlord Lakeview Bay Industrial Park Yanlord Land (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

    Guanggu New World Centre East Lake High-tech Development Zone New World Goodtrade ( Wuhan) Limited.
    The Paradiso East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan Vanke Wan Wei Property Development Co., Ltd
    Poly Time East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan Poly Jingu Real. Estate Development Co., Ltd
    Luxuriant Scenery East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan Vanke Luxuriant Scenery Property Development Co, Ltd.
    Vanke Jiayuan East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan Wanyuecheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Evergrand Palace East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan Dong Hu Evergrande Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Changqing Garden Dong Xi Hu Wuhan New World Housing Development Limited
    Shimao Splendid River Han Yang Wuhan Shimao Splendid River Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    Hanyang International Han Yang Wuhan Yongli Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Luna's Engraving Han Yang Wharf (Wuhan) Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Lakeward Scenery Han Yang Wuhan Aoming Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    No. 1 Longyang Han Yang Wuhan Century Longyang Property Co., Ltd.
    Golden City Hong Shan Wuhan Vanke Golden City Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Poly Central Residence Hong Shan Wuhan LinYu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
    Shimao Linyu Bay Hong Shan Wuhan Hongyu Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Blue Crystal Oasis Phase III Hong Shan Wuhan Changhang Sanding Property Co., Ltd.
    Fu Di Xing Cheng Hong Shan Chinese Construction Third Engineering Bureau
    Poly Park Hong Shan Wuhan Poly Kangqiao Real Estate Development Co.,
    Jinghope Golden Bridge Garden Jiang An Wuhan Sanding Property Development Co., Ltd.
    Bao'an Shanshui Longcheng Phase II Jiang An Wuhan Hua An Property Development Co., Ltd.
    GeZhouBa International Plaza Jiang Han GeZhouBa Hai Ji Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
    Waterfront Landmark Jiang Han Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Wuhan Jianghan South) Limited
    Lake Thompson No. 1 Jiang Xia China State Construction Land (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.
    Yicheng Waterside Ecological Garden Jiang Xia Wuhan Ruihua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
    China Resources Land Oak Bay Wu Chang China Rresources Land (Wuhan) Industry Ltd
    The Park Wu Chang China Resources Land (Wuhan) Development Company Limited
    Palais du Lac Royal Wu Chang Wuhan Wanda East Lake Real State Co., Ltd

    Hyde Park Ji Mei China Merchants (Xiamen) Property Development Co. Ltd
    Shimao Lakeside Garden Hu Li Fujian Shimao Real Estate Company
    The Prestige Hu Li Xiamen Hui Hong Da Investment Co Ltd
    Sino Central Park Si Ming Sino (Xiamen) Realty Development Co., Ltd.


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